Juliana's Danny Rockett Page

Danny Robbins is a super boy.
He was in the First National Touring Company of "RENT"
September 27, 1998 was his last day in the show.
This is a very sad thing.
He was in the show for like 2 years and it was time for him to move on.
Although I am not sure of this, I believe that Danny is
working with his band, "God".
This is a very good thing.
DANIEL J. ROBBINS (ensemble) is thrilled to be working on his favorite
show, Rent, and feels as if he's dreaming. Recent credits include Tony in
West Side Story, Jack in Into the Woods, and Brother/Sister Freak in
Sunshine in a Can: A Frozen Concentrated Freak Show. Love to friends,
family, and John Boy.
(From the Official Rent Site)
Rent has really had a huge impact on my life in the past year.
And with Rent there was Dan.
The first time I saw the show was on December 19, 1997.
I went with my mother and I did not want to go! But I did.
And I loved it.
I remember at intermission, I turned to my  mom and I said, "Mom, I'm in love with Roger."  And she said "Oh, I think he dies."  And I said, "No. Mom. I'm in love with the guy who PLAYS Roger."
And she said,"Yes, he is pretty attractive."  And I said, "Mom. He's HOT. And he has the most beautiful voice in the world."
So I looked to see who was playing Roger and an understudy slip said the
Daniel J. Robbins
would be playing Roger for this performance.
And so this page is born.
      Goodbye Danny!
     We'll miss you!
Characters played by Dan:
        Swing/Understudy for Mark and Roger
             Gordon/The Man/Mr. Grey/Others
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